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Frequently Asked Questions

Listing your polo club or vacation needn't be hassle, our sign-up is quick and easy. Simply fill in the form above, follow the instructions and start to build your listing. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, alternatively here are a few of our frequently asked questions.

Do you personally vet all listings?

It would be a mammoth job to do that, but all comments and reviews are vetted to ensure they are genuine. We do however offer additional editorial packages for clubs or holiday destinations, this we call Our Man In (OMI) get in touch to find out about this added extra marketing opportunity.

Will you come and visit my club?

We can and will accept as many invitations as we can. This is an added value package called Our Man In (OMI) where we personally review the club or vacation destination and spread the word on TPB. 

Do you accept guest bloggers?

Yes we do! As long as your content is appealing, relevant and not spammy we will consider posting your article to our members. There is an administrative fee, check out our rate card. 

Is it free to list my polo club?

It is! Please do so via the Submit Listing option in the top menu. 

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