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How to Market your Polo Brand; Know your customer

How to Market your Polo Brand; Know your customer

In this day and age it needn’t be a struggle to promote your established or fledgling polo brand, but why do so many start-ups fail in the polo industry? The answer is down to not keeping up with the advancements in user behaviour, user engagement and user tracking – simply put, you don’t know what your customers are into, how they interact with brands and what they are going to do next. You don’t know your customer.

User Behaviour and Tracking

Let’s start with knowing what your customer does and where they do it. I am going to illustrate the challenges faced with a brand who sells mainly online via a website. The easiest and best way to get to grips with what your customers are doing is to start with your own website, there are multiple free tools out which allow you to track what it is your customers are doing on your site, where they go, what they don’t click and where they buy your products from. Here are two of the most  valuable;

Google Analytics

A free tool from Google which is probably the most powerful weapon in your future armoury. This tracking will show you all the interactions your customers make on your site including the pages they view, the time they spend on the site or on each page, which links they click, what types of contacts they are making with you (email, contact form or social media for example) and much much more. All you need to do is add some code throughout your site and tracking begins.

Crazy Egg heatmap tracking

A free tool also which generates visual reports for you to analyse and make adjustments to your sites design, layout or content. Simply sign up for a free account, start with a project such as your home page or your sales page and let the data start piling up. The reports show you where customers are clicking the most on your page, you can react to this and make a contact button brighter or larger for example. This is best done in conjunction with Google Analytics, identify which pages customers are not purchasing from or leaving without doing anything and start to test the heatmap on these.

With these two tools you will know what your customer is doing on your site and how well it is performing, allowing you to enhance the poorer performing pages.

SEO/Marketing consultant for Polo

Have you considered enlisting the help of an SEO Marketing consultant? There is no shame in asking for help with your polo based website, no matter your budget. SEO is a long process of optimisation at both site level and off site level, followed by careful tweaks in reaction to user data. The investment in an SEO consultant pays dividends over the years –  a good SEO consultant will explain the process as well as provide a roadmap of actions and an end date to account for your budget.

Social Media for polo brands

Yes social media is everywhere, and yes you may know how to use it, but do you know how to use it for effective marketing? It is’t about posting the latest product to your Facebook timeline or interacting with a ‘key influencer’ – you need a strategy, a way of posting to multiple social feeds at once as well as tracking and insight. Hiring a Marketing consultant who not only knows about polo but also social strategy. This may be more of an on-going process and should be budgeted for accordingly.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Paid Ads

A popular way to get your brand in the face of customers is to pay for it, this is called PPC with the most popular sites to target are google.com and bing.com. Bing represents better value for money compared to Google, but undoubtedly Google has greater reach. With PPC you only pay when someone clicks on your link, not when the ad is shown. If you are going to be paying for each click you need to ensure the page they see on your site is good enough to convert that click into a sale. Again, the tracking tools given above will show their absolute value and should be run first before any paid campaigns are started. It is advised to recruit a marketing consultant to set up your campaigns, as mistakes at this level can be costly and in-effective.

In conclusion there are several ways to first understand your customers relationship with your polo brand and site, having learned these lessons and made adjustments to your offering you can then confidently harness the power of an SEO, PPC or Social Marketing Consultant to give your online sales a boost.

Sam Morris-Warburton is a Marketing Consultant with previous brand and hands-on experience with polo, currently he plays off -1.


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