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My first post is an introduction to myself.

I have kindly been asked to write a blog, for me, the obvious starting point was to introduce myself, so you know who I am going forward.
My name is Cymon Skinner, a photographer on and off for the past 30 years or sadly longer if you include school and the hours we spent in the dark room developing images taken with my Kodak Brownie 127!

I have lived a lot of my adult life in France, where I focused on water sports, skiing, and urban photography. On my return to the UK, I quickly fell into Polo Photography, the first afternoon I sat beside the polo field taking some leisurely shots I became addicted, totally!

The speed, agility and gracefulness of the polo pony were just incredible. Gentlemen entered the field quickly transforming into equestrian athletes never allowing the game to have a moment of dullness.

My vocabulary does not extend to explain the competitiveness, sportsmanship and skill, but I hope my images do. I have the privilege to travel around UK and Europe, shooting arena, snow and grass polo, each an experience.

I work with Andrew Yate and Charley Skinner to form People of Polo Ltd; you will not see me mention my company again in these blog posts. However, Andrew and Charley are worth a mention. Both very talented photographers and worth looking out for in the future!

OK, so you should have a good idea who I am, my next blog posts will be focused on the game of polo, or a person I feel is worth a mention due to their outstanding dedication to the game of polo or skills.



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