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Common polo injuries in players

Common polo injuries in players
As with any sport, there are always going to be injuries no matter how careful people are.  These can range from a simple bruised finger to a broken limb or facial injury.  Fortunately, serious injuries are relatively uncommon (besides damage to the wallet and the inevitable tongue lashing from a disgruntled spouse when you turn up late for that social event or wielding your latest “must have” bit of kit!)
The most common injuries tend to be arm/shoulder related due to movement of swinging for a shot or being struck from another players mallet.  Whilst uncommon due to the leg protection worn, leg injuries can occur when engaged in close play.  These injuries tend to be caused when two horses collide compressing your leg between 2 500kg ponies!
The most serious of human injuries are those to the face.  Whilst the head is projected by the polo cap, a poorly timed shot from an opponent can result in a very nasty blow to the face resulting broken/lost teeth, busted nose and damage to the eye.

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